Studio Seven7 Films

Studio Seven7 Films is a dynamic reality, scripted television, documentary and film production company based in Rhode Island.  Visit


1 thought on “Studio Seven7 Films

  1. I’m in receipt of the book, book marks, the letter and t-shirts – wow! Thank you.

    I’m very much looking forward to the film. I’ve already got a nostalgia embedded about the auction. While eating lunch in the diner off the square a fellow came in wearing all black and sporting unkempt facial hair. He wanted a smoke so was seated at the table toward the back of the restaurant. Then two ranchers came in and they too wanted a smoking table. The only option was to share with the cat who was in from parts unknown. These guys were both over seventy but had clearly spent the morning out working. The each had huge wrists, were a bit dusty and didn’t say three words between them. On the other hand the dandy in black wouldn’t shut up. I couldn’t hear but watching the ranchers look at each other and periodically nod while the other fellow rambled on represented a microcosm that was the auction in Archer City. I’m so fortunate that two of my children thought it the adventure that I did. An awesome day…

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